Thursday, August 29, 2013

Surreal Artists

Dan Mountford
Brighton, UK

 Dan Mountford is a very talented artist from Brighton, United Kingdom. His work with double exposure, though it could be considered more photographic than digital, is most definitely surreal. By purposefully double exposing carefully composed photographs, he is able to create images that evoke feeling and transcend reality. I’ve seen a lot of similar pieces involving double exposure techniques, but none of them come close to the work of Dan Mountford.

George Munteanu
Bucharest, Romania

 George Munteanu has a very diverse portfolio of digital art, much of it rooted in surrealism. Some of his images are more fantasy than surreal, and others lean towards more science fiction. I find his pieces that seem to be based in reality but a stretched reality, a departure from certain normalities while others remain. This gives the pieces a very surreal, dreamy characteristic that I wish to emulate in my work.

 Andreea Niculae
Worchester, United Kingdom

 Andreea Niculae’s portfolio of digital art ranges from digital drawings/paintings, to tattoo related design to some very unique posters. In the various areas that her art covers, she uses unique stylistic notions and out of the box thinking to draw the viewer in and create interest. I find her work inspiring and I would like to use a similar poster design technique, and really artistic technique in general, in my upcoming pieces.

 Daniel Gonz├ílez
Santiago, Chile

 Daniel Gonzalez’s digital art is very cool. Mostly vector based, several of his surrealist pieces take normal objects, and put them into a distorted, digital world. For example, one of his pieces is a bicycle, but it appears as if it was split into the wavelengths of light that make up the image we would ordinarily see. He has a very clean style of vector based graphics that I hope to learn from and apply to my own work.

Sebastian Feraut
Paris, France

 Out of the five artists I found, Sebastian Feraut’s work is the most “out there”. Both his paintings and his digital art have a otherworldly, dreamlike, but not entirely realistic quality. This surreal quality is very appealing to me, and his extensive use of colors and curves makes for very visually appealing pieces. Upon further inspection, not only are they visually appealing because of the bright colors, but also very detailed. I really like his extensive use of monsters and creatures in his pieces, and perhaps I could learn to incorporate more life into my pieces, whether or not they are real lifeforms, thats a different story!

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