Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Multiple Exposure Art of Dan Mountford

Last week, I posted about five digital artists who made very strong surrealist art. After viewing the work of these artists, as well as 30 others that were chosen by my classmates, I have decided to create surreal artwork in the style of my personal favorite of these artists, Dan Mountford.
Dan Mountford creates stunning multiple-exposure artwork that makes for a powerful surrealist experience. He does much of the work in-camera, with some post processing in photoshop and other image manipulation tools for most pieces.

My favorite of his pieces takes the face of a woman and overlays a building scene and a vector drawing over her face. It's overall a very strong piece, in that it creates emotion, but I don't quite understand why it does, which is perhaps what makes it that much better than a lot of other works of art.

I like this piece a lot too. It is a much simpler piece, however, it is still powerful. The texture of the cigarettes seems to have depth, rather than being flat, which makes for a much better piece.

I really like this piece because it shows many different subjects overlaid over what appears to be some sort of dog/bear creature, yet does not feel cluttered. Often, with this many subjects, a piece will appear cluttered or messy and detract from the overall feel of the piece, however, in this case, its the many animals overlaid over the dog/bear that make the piece so strong.
Though this piece is simpler than many of his other pieces, I find that this one still has the same careful, deliberate composition and the same ability to create thought and emotion in the viewer in such a subtle manner you may not even notice it right away.  The way I understand this piece, the girl is thinking about the beach scene, as if a fading, but fond memory of days past.
As with the previous image, this image is relatively simple, yet potent. For me, the way the overlapped fingers seem to make sense in context with the outline of the hand upon first glance, and then it becomes apparent that there are far too many fingers for that one hand, makes for a strong surreal vibe that this piece gives off. The various skin textures are also help to distract the mind from the fact that there are extra fingers until you realize that it's from a different hand.


  1. I really appreciate Mountford's work. I can see why you are so smitten with it. I love how you've moved from the flat, graphic pieces to these that have so many layers. I really like that you are including these layers in your new piece, but I wonder what a more graphic version of that would look like--a Ricky original I mean.

  2. What time zone is your blog set for?