Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tutorial Piece

This week, I followed a really cool grunge poster tutorial to make a really cool grunge poster! Instead of using the images, fonts, and text they provided, I decided to use my own photography, a different font, and my own text, as well as creating my own "grunge texture". All in all, this has been a very productive experience.  This is the first tutorial I've done in a long time, and even though I'm much more proficient at Photoshop and design in general than I was last time I did a tutorial, I still find that I learn something every time I follow a tutorial. This one refreshed my knowledge of masks, and gave me some ideas of how to better use them to improve my work, as well as helping me hone my design skills, and think out of the box and create my own elements rather than using those created by others.

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