Friday, November 1, 2013


This week, we were assigned to reinterpret old Chinese propaganda posters. I took the original poster that I chose to reinterpret, and I remade it as a vector image. When I did this, I took most elements of the original down to the most basic form that I could without making them unrecognizable. My idea behind this is that when it comes down to it, propaganda posters are nothing more than a collection of lines and curves arranged in such a manner that it becomes something larger than the some of its parts, something that can provoke thought and action from the viewer. It's not what it's made of, but the way its parts are arranged that can elicit a response. This piece is supposed to make the viewer reconsider how they look at propaganda, art, and really anything, to see both the big picture, as well as the small pieces that make it.

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